A Few Words about us

Rectus Health Services; an Indian multinational healthcare organization with its primary goal to building safe and healthy environment for life; was established in the year 2010. We introduce Hospital sterilization packaging system as per the -ISO, EN & CE guidelines. Rectus is now set to provide End-to-End sterilization solutions after business alliance with Indian and Multinational Organization. We Are market leaders in the field of hospital sterilization, Rectus has presence in all northern region. Rectus have also formed alliance with leading Healthcare provides for packaging. We at Rectus believe in building safe and healthy environment for life. Through clean, healthier and safe milieu; our products and services help clinicians to achieve optimal outcome of medical and surgical intervention. Rectus offers comprehensive Center of sterilization excellence for health care providers designed on the basis of latest directive/recommendation of International standard Organization, European Standard, Certificate of Europe, CDC and EFHSS.

CSSD as on date is considered to be the cost center; however we have developed business models where we can help you to convert it into a revenue center. The response for this model is very encouraging. This comprehensive program is an outcome of understanding in the field of hospital sterilization and technical collaboration with recognized global partners (Orion Steri point Canada, Clinichem Sweden and Sterifast Portugal).

The concept COSE (center of sterilization excellence) is getting recognition due to the current challenges that we are facing in the process of sterilization and these are;

  1. Diverse application of sterilization process in different healthcare setups.
  2. Varied opinion on achievement of kill-kinetics.
  3. Relevance of documentation /reproduction of sterilization validation.

The idea of this comprehensive program started with a thought of building customized CSSD facility in healthcare setups to ensure that the goal of sterilization is achieved as per the directive of ISO, EN and CE. This establishment will help stakeholders by;

  1. Allowing single point of accountability and comply with standards set by regulatory authorities.
  2. Ensures uniformity and standardization of sterilization which if inconsistent, can lead to potential Health and legal hazard.
  3. Ensure placement of sterilization process as per the ISO, EN & CE guidelines.
  4. Accomplishment of Kill-kinetics in each process/cycle of sterilization.
  5. Robust placement of regulatory documentation and validation of each sterilization process.
  6. Reduce time spent in sterilization and thereby healthcare workers can give quality time to patient care.
  7. Avoid repetitive sterilization through optimum utilization sterilization cycles.
  8. Provides flexibility and versatility by developing individual procedural need through customized sterilization kits.
  9. Training and development program for stakeholders on different aspect sterilization.

I am sure that you will definitely like to follow the latest trend. We appreciate the time taken by you to go through this note. Please find enclosed the Product List commercial packs disposables to be used as packaging material and monitoring devices in CSSD. As a way forward, we would like to have few minutes of yours to discuss and understand your view, future activities and business alliance.

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